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M.E. Kern

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Articles by M.E. Kern

Ambassadors for Christ (November 1939)

What careful­ness it should beget in us to be fit representa­tives of the government of God and His grace to lost humanity! What zeal we should have to improve ourselves, and to advance His work!

Editorial Qualifications and Experience (January 1940)

Highlights from the Adventist Editorial Council Convened at Washington, D.C., August 23-29

Pulpit-Centered Churches (June 1941)

A look at religious trends.

Seminary Objectives—No. 2 (April 1941)

Heart-to-Heart Talks on Vital Issues

How Shall We Escape? (December 1944)

How shall we escape, if we neglect so great a salvation?

Meeting the Specious "Scapegoat" Charges (October 1945)

The following article is the substance of a chapter in a forthcoming pamphlet which has been written in an­swer to E. B. Jones' pamphlet: "Forty Bible-Supported Reasons Why You Should Not Be a Seventh-day Ad­ventist."

Pursuing Our Ideals in Christian Education (June 1945)

Devotional study, Bible and History Teachers' Coun­cil, August, 1944, Takoma Park, D.C.

Ministry of Christ in Heavenly Sanctuary (August 1946)

A biblical exposition and sermon prep help.

Identity of "E. W. Society of America" (February 1947)

Who are the sponsors of the yellow sheets from the "E. W. Society of America,"-sent out by mail to our churches from McGregor, Texas, offering a booklet of "Latest Food Reci­pes and the Latest Guide to Health"? What is the meaning of "E. W.," and has this any con­nection with the Shepherd's Rod movement at Waco, Texas?

Theological Seminary Objectives (March 1941)

Address at dedication of the S.D.A. Theological Seminary, Takoma Park, D.C., Jan. 21, 1941.

Graduate Work for Ministers (November 1938)

The necessity of graduate work for our physicians is generally recognized. What about for our ministers?

Advanced Training for Our Ministers (November 1937)

Great tasks are before every Seventh-day Adventist preacher, tasks which will tax to the utmost the mental and physical powers. We are responsible to God for the use of the gifts He has given us.

Our Advanced Bible School (March 1936)

It surely is in the providence of God that in these days of infidelity and unbelief, we as heralds of the advent message have such op­portunity for graduate study in Bible, religious history, and allied subjects, as is offered by the Advanced Bible School.

Presentation of the Message to Min­isters of Other Denominations (July 1936)

We often think of the ministers of other denominations as our enemies, because many do bitterly oppose our message. But we should strive to get before them in a favorable light the blessed truth which God has given us.

Why Is There Not More Personal Work? (April 1934)

For years the question of personal work has occupied much of my thought. I have seen students lose out in their studies and otherwise, and drop out of school and into the world, because teachers were too busy to extend a helping hand.

Auspicious Opening of Advanced Bible School (August 1934)

As a people professing to make all our edu­cation Bibliocentric, and in these days of doubt and infidelity standing stanchly for the inspiration and authority of the Bible, we have long felt the need of a graduate Bible school.

Institutionalism Must Not Supplant Individualism* (February 1933)

It has been said that every religious movement has developed along the line of individualism or institutional­ism. When a movement gets large, its natural tendency is to lose the per­sonal intensity of its pioneers, to be­come formal.

The Personal Touch Imperative (April 1933)

We as leaders must not be content with making fishing tackle or pointing the way to the fishing banks, we must ourselves be actual fishers of men.

A Social Experiment in the Church Laboratory* (May 1930)

I am glad to commend this article to our ministers as an example of what can be done to satisfy the social needs of our young people, and at the same time provide entertainment that is wholesome and edu­cational.

Intellectual Growth (December 1930)

The Ministerial Reading Course pro­vides an excellent means of putting into our minds the best thoughts of the best writers on the best themes.

The Association Forum (March 1929)

A round table discussion on efficient methods.
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