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S. Joseph Kidder

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Articles by S. Joseph Kidder

A church filled with God’s grace and love (October 2015)

One of the distinguishing traits of the early church was its members’ love for one another

Balancing a Busy Life (May 2015)

Listed in this article are seven tips to help facilitate the pastoral process of finding balance.

Équilibrer une vie chargée ()

La gestion du temps devrait dépendre des priorités plutôt que d’un nombre d’heures déterminé.

Focus on children’s ministry (August 2014)

What is your church doing to have the best children’s ministry you can? Effective ministry to today’s children goes beyond a basic understanding of developmental issues or simple babysitting.

From burned out to burning bright: Cures for eight causes of burnout (July)

It happens to the best pastors. Take the journey from fatigue to freshness, one step at a time.

Gaining by denying: The benefit of Christian fasting —Part 1 of 2 (July 2016)

The authors start this series by giving the background and advantages of all types of fasting.

Gaining by denying: An invitation to the discipline of fasting—Part 2 of 2 (September)

Conclude this series by exploring the why and how of fasting.

God did an awesome thing: A church growth strategy that worked (August 2013)

Do you dream of being a part of a vibrant worshiping community of faith?Discover a proven strategy to accomplish it.

How to be a friendly church (February 2013)

Is your church a friendly place?

Innovative evangelism part 1: A new paradigm (December 2017)

They mattered in Jesus’ day; they matter today. Discover why paying attention to people is still the best evangelistic approach.

Innovative evangelism part 2: An opportunity to be creative (February 2018)

Modeling Jesus’ technique for getting close to people requires prayer, imagination, and moving outside the box. Embrace these practical suggestions, and grow your church!

It is all about relationships: Practical pointers for positive pastoring (April)

God is honored when the people are satisfied with the pastor and when the pastor has a positive attitude toward them.

Mentoring: A way of life (March)

How can experienced ministers impart their wisdom, knowledge, experience, and skills to the next generation of leaders?

Moments of decision (October 2013)

What do guests see, experience, and feel in your church?

Planning a sermonic year (March 2015)

Note these five steps crucial for developing a preaching calendar for the year

Reflections on the future of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America: Trends and challenges (part 1 of 2) (December 2010)

How is the Seventh-day Adventist Church doing in terms of growth, finances, and Christian education?

Should I move? Nine factors to consider before making the change (January 2016)

A number of considerations come into play when pastors ponder relocating. And the choice is not always easy.

The biblical role of the pastor (April 2009)

What does the pastor do? Is there a biblical job description? The author shares five principles based on the ministry of Jesus.

The blessing of spiritual mentoring (April)

Early New Testament leadership created a culture of mentoring in the church so that the next generation could learn from their example, experience, wisdom, and fortitude. This should also be done today, through intentional training and teaching.

The forgotten movement: Church planting trends and lessons (Part 1 of 2) (October 2014)

Is a massive church planting movement needed, or even possible? See what the statistics say.

The forgotten movement: Church planting trends and lessons (Part 2 of 2) (December 2014)

Read how God will overcome obstacles to reach your city and bless your church.

The Most Important Ingredient in Church Growth: Faith-based optimism (December 2012)

Two simple words can change you, your church, and your future.

The power of relationships in evangelism (July 2008)

Why is relational evangelism still the best way to introduce people to Christ?

The secret life of the pastor (January 2018)

The secret life of the pastor finds its foundation in unhurried time with Jesus.

The true measure of success (October)

Pastors feel a sense of failure because they often measure success by numbers, especially in attendance, baptisms, and giving. But what is the true measure of success?

The value of a church brochure (June 2015)

Practical pointers from experienced pastors.
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