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Jina Kim

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Articles by Jina Kim

Men’s Health (November 2011)

The pastor and health.

The Pastor and Health (September 2011)

As a pastor, you may have a number of travel obligations and opportunities. Before you travel to foreign countries, research guidelines and tips regarding vaccinations and safety because knowing how diseases are spread may help you from getting sick. . .

Environmental health: Are we breathing healthy air? (July 2011)

God gave us breath. He breathed into us the breath of life. Good, clean air is indispensable to our continued health and well-being. However, when the quality of air is poor we are at risk for respiratory conditions and other health problems. How can we prevent these problems caused by air pollution?

Save your heart for Jesus (literally) (July/August 2010)

Have have you ever wondered about the connection between having a healthy heart and a good quality of life?

Depression affects pastors too (November 2010)

Depression affects people in different ways and not everyone will experience the same symptoms.
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