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Miroslav Kis

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Articles by Miroslav Kis

The Christian view of human life (August 1991)

The uniqueness of each human being contributes to the richness of God's creation and warrants the indispensability of each individual.

Fallen pastors: redemptive responses (November 2004)

The sixth in Ministry's series on clergy and sexual wrong. What are the dynamics of restoration after a fall?

Sexual misconduct in ministry: victims and wounds (September 2004)

The fifth in Ministry's series on ministers and sexual wrongdoing.

Flirting with the enemy (July 2004)

The fourth in Ministry's series of the pastor and personal sexual issues.

Sexuality in ministry: the pastor, sexual sin, and the Bible (May 2004)

The third in Ministry's series on clergy and constructive sexual behavior.

Unforbidden fruit (March 2004)

Second in a six-part series on ministers and sexual conduct.

Sexual misconduct in ministry: A biblical sketch of pastoral identity (Part 1) (January 2004)

Part 1 of a six-part series dealing with sexual sin in ministers.

Corporately facing up to sexual infidelity (March 2005)

The final in Ministry's eight-part series challenges the church to relate constructively when pastors fall.

Dealing with a fallen pastor? (January 2005)

Seventh of eight articles on pastoral sexual misconduct.
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