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Louise C. Kleuser

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Articles by Louise C. Kleuser

Attracting the Youth to the Bible Work—No. II (March 1932)

When there is a leader, youth will ever follow.

Giving New Impetus to the Bible Work (November 1941)

Our Monthly Bible Worker Interchange column.

Editorial Keynotes (December 1942)

Why a Dearth of Bible Workers? No. 2

Editorial Keynotes (November 1942)

Why a dearth of bible workers? Part 1.

The Greater Bible Work—No. VIII (November 1942)

Part eight of our series on bible work.

Junior Choir in Child Evangelism (March 1942)

Emphasizing child evangelism in the church.

The Greater Bible Work—No. III (March 1942)

Part eight of our look at the bible worker.

The Greater Bible Work—No. VI (August 1942)

Part six of our series on the bible worker.

Northern California Bible Workers' Council (July 1942)

Teaching How to Converse With God

The Greater Bible Work—No.V (May 1942)

Part five of our continued look at bible work.

The Greater Bible Work—No. IV (April 1942)

Our lofty message should be expressed in the purest, loveliest, most convincing language.

The Greater Bible Work—No. II (February 1942)

The call to soul winning has always embraced the highest qualifications.

Exalting the Ten Commandments (December 1943)

Biblical Exposition and Homiletic Helps.

The Church Should Stand for Something (November 1943)

Biblical Exposition and Homiletic Helps

Greater Bible Work—No. XII (June 1943)

The worker who prepares people for the sacred step of baptism must himself have a clear conception of its significance in the Christian life.

Editorial Keynotes (May 1943)

Full Facts Furnish Wholesome Challenge.

Bible Instructor's Place in an Effort (May 1943)

Presentation at Northern Union Evangelistic Council, Minneapolis, January, 1943.

Babel Voices on Evangelism (January 1943)

There seems to be a definite shift of emphasis in this critical hour.

A Young Woman's Profession (May 1944)

The call for bible instructor's continues.

The Revival of Personal Work (April 1944)

The scriptures always play a vital role in every move of God.

Personally Prepared Readings (February 1944)

Truth teaching has been greatly simplified by using the different sets of graduated studies now published for home Bible study.

Barnabas on Sunday Observance (Novemer 1944)

Biblical Exposition and Homiletic Helps.

Who Is a Bible Instructor? (January 1944)

The calling of the Bible instructor should be a distinctive office, as much so as that of the minister or the evangelist.

Speaking the Word in Season (August 1944)

The prophet Isaiah reveals the Master Teacher's soul-winning technique when he says, "The Lord hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary."

Making Friends for the Truth (March 1944)

This truth is a great magnet drawing to itself all the children of truth.

Unclean Meats Prohibited Today (June 1945)

Are unclean meats of the Old Testament still unclean?

Introducing the Seminar Plan (December 1946)

The secretaries of the Ministerial Association join our college Bible teachers in discitssion of seminar possibil­ities and methods.

Regarding Other Denominations (March 1945)

Our monthly Bible Instructor column.

Teaching God's Divine Purpose (January 1945)

Because of our speedier type of evangelism today, the Bible instructor often does not seem to find time to teach certain fundamental points of truth as carefully as she used to.

The Future of the Bible Work (June 1946)

What are the prospects for Bible workers?

Predestination According to the Bible (September 1946)

Exploring the revival of interest in the disputed question of predestination.

Reaching Calvinists With the Message (August 1946)

Points to stress with Calvinists.

Evangelistic-Analysis of the Cities (January 1946)

The trend of the world's masses is cityward. How can we reach them?

"Quiet Resting Places" (August 1947)

Do you need to get away?

Bible Instructor Group Meetings VIII. (July 1947)

The Atlantic Union ministerial institute was held in New York City.

Bible Instructor Group Meetings (June 1947)

Six of the ministerial institutes held in connection with the ten union conference ses­sions in North America are now past. Here's our report.

Holding Our Converts (April 1947)

These four studies might profitably provide topics for the Sabbath service or prayer meeting

'They Are They Which Testify" (April 1947)

Church leaders must continue to study how to direct the restlessness of modern youth into profitable Sab­bath activity.

Erroneous "Witnesses" Doctrines (April 1947)

From an examination of the doctrine of "Jehovah's Witnesses" by Lehman Strauss

Editorial Postscripts (March 1947)

At the San Francisco General Conference of 1941, two new secretaries were added to the headquarters Ministerial Associa­tion staff.

IV. Teaching Truth for Decision (March 1947)

Fourth number in series on student seminar objec­tives.

The Need for Personal Workers (February 1947)

Our student seminars feature.

Origin of Our Bible Work (December 1948)

A look at the history and development of our early colporteur ministry.

Origin of Our Bible Work (November 1948)

II. The Colporteur Pioneers Bible Readings

Origin of Our Bible Work 1. The Early Beginnings (October 1948)

Beginning with this number of THE MINISTRY, a series of six consecutive articles on the origin of the Bible work will be presented.

What About the Trained Bible Instructor? (June 1948)

The question as to what becomes of the college-trained Bible instructors seems to receive periodic emphasis by some who regret that there are not more of these useful workers entering conference employment after completing their college Bible instructor train­ing.

Provision for Gospel Visitor (June 1949)

According to the divine pattern for Bible work, the Bible instructor is more than a home visitor. But there is also a definite work to be performed by the "gospel visitor," which is recognized by the Spirit of prophecy.

New Twentieth-Century Course (June 1949)

We have carefully examined the ten new lessons of the Twentieth-Century Bible Course entitled "Hope for the World."

Devices for Illustrating Truth (September 1949)

The need for visual aids in evangelism is becoming more apparent.

Bible Reading Texts (September 1949)

How many texts should be used in a Bible reading?

Teaching With Freshness and Power (August 1949)

Our duty to keep our teaching ideas fresh and up to date.

California Bible Instrutors Institutes (April 1949)

Recent, well-attended Bible instructor institutes, with two of the California conferences in each area participating, brought great inspiration and much practical help to the per­sonal workers in these particular fields.

Origin of the Bible Work (March 1949)

VI. Future of Our Bible Work

Bible Readings by Land and Sea (January 1949)

Bible Council Instructor--Plans and Methods, Experiences and Problems

A Heart-to-Heart Talk With Adventist Women (November 1955)

As the decades have rolled on since the rise of the Advent Movement 111 years ago, the women of our denomination have been developing in many spheres of usefulness. Right from the early years of Advent­ism our sisters have played an important part in proclaiming the special message for this hour; but in the present decade they are revealing their influence in various services hitherto un­known in our denomination.

Camp Meeting impressions (November 1955)

Seventh-day Adventists are still greatly interested in camp meetings. How are these efforts faring around the world?

Do Women Figure in Evangelism? (September 1955)

Pointedly, though we need various types of workers for our educational, medical, and pub­lishing work, evangelism also greatly needs a strong force of personal workers.

Personal Work as Basic Training (August 1955)

The monthly Bible Instructor column.

Bible Instructors' Book Needs (February 1955)

A number of Bible instructors have asked the Ministerial Association for sugges­tions on reading aids to help them understand their work. We here wish to recommend a few books of the type we now consider musts in evange­lism. There are, of course, many other helps that we might consider in this connection.

Spotlight on the Bible Work (January 1955)

Recent Autumn Council actions brought the Bible work into direct focus. What was decided?

Talking it Over (November 1956)

The monthly Bible Instructor Column.

Religious Groups in Our Evangelism (July 1956)

As we continue this brief series on our ap­proaches to those of differing faiths among Protestants, let us keep in mind the 1956 Book Club selection, A Guide to the Religions of America.

Religious Groups in Our Evangelism (Part 5) (September 1956)

Part five of our guide to religions in America.

Religious Groups in Our Evangelism (August 1956)

A guide to the religions of America part IV.

Religious Groups in Our Evangelism (Part III) (June 1956)

We here continue the discussion begun in the preceding number of THE MINISTRY on our approaches to other Protestant groups.

Religious Groups in Our Evangelism (Part 1) (May 1956)

Today there is an ever-increasing interest in religions. And it is necessary to learn what other groups believe and practice.

Another Shepherdess! (April 1956)

The bible instructor is a true shepherdess.

The New Bible Instructor (November 1957)

How to transition well and avoid being overburdened by the work.

Well-Balanced Administration (October 1957)

The apostle Paul's instruction on spirit­ual and administrative gifts for the church is an intriguing study. Let's take a closer look at Paul's counsel in 1 Corinthians 12.

Adventism's World Vision (September 1957)

Our experience and perspective continues to expand globally as we welcome more people from far and near.

Women in Colonial America (August 1957)

A look at the part that women played in the early American experience.

A Chat With Our Shepherdesses (July 1957)

The monthly shepherdess column.

Bible Work a Satisfying Calling (April 1957)

How the Bible Worker can retain their optimism in the face of various challenges.

Adventism's New Milestone (April 1957)

A look at how Adventists have been accepted by some Protestants as "born again" Christians.

Our Veteran Bible Instructors (May 1957)

Learning the importance of sentiment and the value of public relations and special events

The Field Training School (May 1957)

Guidance for training our workers to be efficient bible instructors

An Unusual Christmas (December 1958)

Realizing the spirit of Christmas and making it a precious season.

The Line Must Not Break! (December 1958)

The monthly Bible Instructor column.

Acknowledging Our Blessings (November 1958)

Celebrating thanksgiving and praising God for His many blessings.

Bible Instructors at Cleveland (October 1958)

The Cleveland General Conference was an inspiring occasion for our Bible instructors who arrived from near and far. How we were happily surprised at the number in attendance.

The School Bell Rings! (September 1958)

The monthly shepherdess column by Louise C. Kleuser

Planning Your Vacation (August 1958)

All workers should be encouraged to take an annual vacation. But how do you go about planning for it?

The Versatile Minister's Wife (July 1958)

Cultivating relationships with ministerial couples of other relationships.

The "Buddy" Plan (July 1958)

When new members are brought into the church we need to find ways and means of welding them into our Adventist fellowship.

Workers Together (June 1958)

The needs and problems connected with ministerial work today differ from those of the past. How can young people prepare?

World Survey of Bible Work (June 1958)

Prepatory to the General Conference session we bring our Bible instructor statis­tics up to date. Although figures hardly tell the complete story, they do reveal accomplishments and trends.

The Pastor Teacher (May 1958)

A shepherdess discussion directed toward our present need for teachers.

Career Women in God's Work (April 1958)

The church faces a new problem when married women are employed in the various fields of gospel service. What should be done about this situation?

Is Adventism Facing a Recruiting Problem? (April 1958)

To be specific, professions such as Bible work, nursing, and teaching in institutions built up by the church, require woman's gentle and skillful touch.

We Hear from the Pew (March 1958)

To see some of our church plans through the eyes of a layman at times is very re­vealing. What have they seen and noticed?

Entering the Ministry (March 1958)

This article will consider a typical minis­terial couple during the first three years of their internship.

Off to a Good Start (February 1958)

The point that the purpose of our shepherd­ess organization is to foster Christian fellow­ship is of sufficient importance to be repeated.

Our New Baby! (January 1958)

Who is the Adventist Shepherdess?

The Spirit of Thanksgiving (November 1959)

A Thanksgiving Program for Shepherdess Gatherings

"Where Can I Find a Bible Instructor?" (November 1959)

The question of finding well-trained, quali­fied Bible instructors has been a long-stand­ing denominational problem. Important as the services of a Bible instructor are to the church, the need for these workers has never been fully met.

Basic Training for Personal Evangelism (May 1959)

The term "personal worker" requires a new emphasis in an hour when there is true need for this type of worker.

"Run, Speak to This Young Man" (April 1959)

There is always a great urgency on the part of the church to lead young people to Christ, for all too soon the golden opportunities of youth pass away.

Letter From an Intern Minister's Wife (February 1959)

At a meeting of student ministers' wives held in one of our colleges we listened to a very enjoyable letter from a young woman who was enjoying her first experience as the wife of a pastor-teacher. This letter was a girlish chat with her former college friends whose husbands anticipated enter­ing the ministry. Ruthie's interesting epistle reveals her consecration and gratitude for service and so we asked for the privilege of using the letter in THE MINISTRY.—L. C. K.

Where Do We Find Our Bible Instructors? (January 1959)

A Bible instructor is the first base for guid­ing new recruits into the profession.
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