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Walter E. Kloss

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Articles by Walter E. Kloss

Pastoral Care and the Sick (March 1973)

OUR day is a transitional period in Christian pastoral care, characterized by confusion as to the nature, purpose, and function of the pastor. . .

Alcoholism—a pastoral challenge (July 1985)

Is your church prepared to help alcoholics come forward and find healing? Are you as a pastor able to confront this menace? Or would you prefer that all alcoholics remain anonymous? This how-to article will help you face the problem and help the sufferers.

Stress in the chaplaincy (November 1984)

It would be nice if our bodies had built-in red lights that would flash when we encounter excessive and harmful levels of stress. On second thought, we would probably pay no more attention to flashing red lights than we do to obvious signs of stress already present One facet of ministry that is especially vulnerable to stress-related problems is hospital chaplaincy.
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