Gary Krause

Gary Krause lives in Burtonsville, Maryland, United States, with his wife, Bettina, and baby daughter, Bethany. He is director of the Office of Adventist Mission at Adventist World Headquarters. For mission resources and more information about Adventist Mission, please visit

Understanding and compassion: A recipe for urban mission

Krause asserts that the church must prioritize urban compassion over city conversion.

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Treading Urban Ground Like Jesus

Learn how the author defines “treading the ground” as Jesus did—an important concept!

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Missions global and at home

Keeping the delicate balance.

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Adventist world church brings hope for big cities

A report on the Church's plans for big-city outreach worldwide

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Hands and hearts touching--the work of a missionary

Our world still needs missionaries with a compassionate, pastoral touch.

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Revived for and through mission

From our Revival and Reformation series.

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