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L. L. Caviness

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Articles by L. L. Caviness

Shall I Study Greek and Hebrew? (November 1935)

Did you ever stop to think that the Book of books was not written in English? While we are grateful for the good English versions of the Bible, is this enough for the minister of God?

"His Own" (John 1:11) (February 1937)

Textual analysis of John 1:11.

How to Address the Deity (November 1947)

There is a general principle which we must keep in mind in the matter of the form in which we address Deity, and that is, we must show proper reverence.

RESEARCH: Zion in the New Testament (April 1952)

Definition and origin of the word "Zion"

In Defense of Fundamentalism (March 1941)

Paper presented at Biblical language teachers' council, Washington, D.C., August, 1940.

Nature of the Divine Unity (May 1937)

Is the nature and unity of the Son and the Father clear from John 10:30?

"Replenish the Earth" (Genesis 9:1) (August 1937)

How should we understand the text Genesis 9:1.

Which Tense in Isaiah 63? (September 1935)

In the King James Version of the sixty-third chapter of Isaiah, we find a number of verbs (1-4) in the future tense that are in past time in other versions. Which translation is cor­rect?

The Hebrew of Genesis 2:4, 5 (December 1934)

In Genesis 2:4, 5, we read in the Authorized Version, "These are the generations of every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew." The Mormons take this passage to prove that there was a spiritual creation before what they refer to as natural creation. What does the original Hebrew of this passage mean?

Kindly Correctives (September 1932)

On speech and conduct.
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