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L. James Gibson

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Articles by L. James Gibson

Theistic evolution: Is it for Adventists? (January 1992)

Some Seventh-day Adventists have become interested in theistic evolution, and a few have apparently accepted it. Because interest in theistic evolution is likely to increase among Adventists, it seems worthwhile to investigate the model to determine whether it is compatible with Adventism.

Intelligent design: is it a useful concept? (December 2005)

Is nature purposefully designed or is it the result of purely natural forces. Let's find out.

Contemporary design theory: the intelligent design movement (February 2006)

Natural laws, intelligent design, living organisms, cosmic force, naturalistic process or creation. Which is it?

God and nature: a biblical approach to origins (November 2007)

Could chance indicate a sufficient causal explanation for the origin of the universe and life?
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