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Herbert Camden Lacey

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Articles by Herbert Camden Lacey

The Preacher in Study and Prayer* (July 1937)

Cultivating a rich inner life for more effective ministry.

Preacher's Study and Prayer (Concluded) (September 1937)

The conclusion to our series on the minister's study and devotional life.

Poetry in the Preaching Service (July 1932)

Firmly believing in the value of reading a Christian poem to enforce the Y thought in a sermon, I have for some years asked the co-operation of Mrs. L. D. Avery-Stuttle in supplying poems on certain topics that I planned to use in sermons.

Steeped With Spiritual Experience (April 1931)

I have the profoundest conviction, growing with the passing of the years, that Bible teaching should be steeped, yes, saturated with spiritual experience.
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