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Herbert Camden Lacey

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Articles by Herbert Camden Lacey

Poetry in the Preaching Service (July 1932)

Firmly believing in the value of reading a Christian poem to enforce the Y thought in a sermon, I have for some years asked the co-operation of Mrs. L. D. Avery-Stuttle in supplying poems on certain topics that I planned to use in sermons.

Preacher's Study and Prayer (Concluded) (September 1937)

The conclusion to our series on the minister's study and devotional life.

Steeped With Spiritual Experience (April 1931)

I have the profoundest conviction, growing with the passing of the years, that Bible teaching should be steeped, yes, saturated with spiritual experience.

The Preacher in Study and Prayer* (July 1937)

Cultivating a rich inner life for more effective ministry.
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