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Kenneth Lacey

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Articles by Kenneth Lacey

The "Unveiling" of Jesus Christ (September 1948)

The accompanying outline contains what I feel to be the true spiritual and prophetic contents of Christ's Post-Ascension Gospel. In it the Lord Jesus Himself unfolded His eternal glory and the triumph of His redeemed church in the great drama of the universe.

Evangelistic Techniques in Britain (May 1959)

The writer has recently had the privilege of conducting city-wide campaigns in two of Britain's largest cities, Bir­mingham and Manchester.

Progress at the New Gallery Centre, London, England (October 1961)

During the seven years of its existence our London evangelistic center, with its unique position at the cross-roads of the world, has been instrumental in raising up a large central church of some 500 members. At the same time it has added to the membership of our other London churches.
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