Herschel C. Lamp

Herschel C. Lamp is health-and-temperance secretary, Arizona Conference. A graduate of Columbia Union College, he holds the M.D. degree from Loma Linda University and the M.P.H. degree from Harvard School of Public Health. He has served over seas in Nigeria and with the Middle East Division as medical secretary; also as assistant professor with the School of Health, Loma Linda University.

Identity or Objectivity

One of the most difficult tasks of the scientific investigator is the achieving of true objectivity.

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The Minister and His Health*

IF WE were to characterize the ideal Seventh-day Adventist minister, we might use a variety of descriptive adjectives— kind, friendly, cheerful, patient, tolerant, dependable, energetic, enthusiastic, progressive, and efficient—among others. These personal attributes are unquestionable assets for a man who has dedicated his life to the urgent task of proclaiming God's redemptive plan to a confused, dissolute, and troubled world. The witness of words that a minister bears must be accompanied by the testimony of character and the possession of Christian virtues. . .

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Thoughts After 50

THE Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking is a work of healing. Ask any physician about his cigarette-smoking patients with coronary heart disease, emphysema, Buerger's disease, or peptic ulcer, and he will tell you how necessary it is for them to stop smoking if they are to arrest their disease, avert serious complications, and initiate healing. . .

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