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Frederick, Lee

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Articles by Frederick, Lee

Secret of Soul Winning (June 1929)

Outlines and sermon suggestions.

Reaching The Non-Christian With Our Message (January 1936)

There is no system of truth that adapts it­self so readily to the mind of the non-Chris­tian as does the message that we have to give.

The Mission Movement Challenged (June 1938)

Facing the new, portentous attitude toward missions has come into vogue.

Cultural Cycles and Religious Trends (November 1939)

This is the first of four studies that lay bare the notable revolution that is taking place in religious world thought.

Women and Uncovered Heads (December 1940)

Is there any special teaching in the denomina­tion on this point of a woman's covering her head while in church or in prayer?

Call for Religious Unity and Revival (February 1940)

Christendom has come suddenly to realize that Christian religion is faced with the gravest peril in its history.

Religious Trends of Today (January 1940)

Christian doctrine and belief was greatly affected by the growing emphasis upon the external which developed with recent scientific progress.

Called to a Spiritual Service (December 1943)

Address at consecration service for the 1943 graduates of the Washington Sanitarium School of Nursing

A New Evangelism for China—2 (February 1949)

Challenge of a world task--mission problems and methods

A New Evangelism in China-1 (January 1949)

Challenge of a World Task Mission Problems and Methods

Features (September 1953)

Where Are the Preachers? The Minister's Example. The Tragedy of Preaching in Human Strength.

Last-Day Religious Trends (March 1940)

The picture that has been drawn in pre­vious articles concerning religious and cultural trends harmonizes with the prophetic picture of the last days. The course of events which is now taking shape supports the teaching in the Bible and the Spirit of prophecy regarding the final movements among men.

Return of Science to Religion (December 1939)

It is true that science can do much to make the world more com­fortable and to fill it with an abundance of those materials that make for the welfare of mankind. But when science was adopted into the realm of philosophy and came near to being a religion, it utterly failed to live up to expectations.

Challenge of a World Task (September 1938)

Foreign mission work is being chal­lenged in non-Christian lands.

Missionary Misconceptions and Mistakes (December 1938)

Every missionary delights in recording the souls he knows he has won to Christ; but how many try to figure out, the losses that have accrued to the church through their mistakes?

The Foreign Missionary Calls (May 1936)

The call to foreign mission service is very definite.

The Foreign Missionary's Equipment--II (June 1936)

The new recruit to foreign mission service is often concerned about the equipment he should take with him to his field. What clothes will he need? Should he take books and furniture? Many are the questions that might be asked by one who is going to a strange land to live among stranger people.

The Foreign Missionary's Behavior (III) (July 1936)

The life and behavior of the missionary has very much to do with his success or failure.

The Ministerial Association Exhibit* (August 1936)

Visits to the Ministerial Ex­hibit at the General Conference have proved to be both instructive and very interesting.

Missionary Qualifications (October 1932)

The qualities of consecration, sympathy, discretion, adaptation, tact, insight, vision, and humility so neces­sary for the minister in his delicate task of searching out the lost sheep and shepherding the flock in the home­land, are doubly needed by the foreign missionary.

The Shaking Time (May 1931)

What is to to the people of God in the last days?
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