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A.A. Leiske

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Articles by A.A. Leiske

Capitalize the Pastor's Study (September 1941)

Let us think of the pastor's study, or office, not only as a medium for contact with church members, but also as an agency toward more efficient work for the pastor in his min­istry.

Streamlining Personal Visitation (December 1943)

Surely we, as God's messengers, must develop a higher regard for health principles as laid down in God's writ­ings for His people, and study to develop a more efficient plan in place of excessive personal visitation in connection with our public lecture services.

A Five-Cycle Evangelistic Campaign (August 1943)

Efficient Evangelistic Methods and Pastoral Technique.

Financing an Evangelistic Effort (June 1945)

An aggressive evangelistic program does not necessarily mean a great outlay of money or an unnecessary expense.

An Aggressive Conference Evangelistic Program (November 1962)

There is only one reason for the existence of the Sev­enth-day Adventist Church, and that is to carry on an ag­gressive program to finish the work of God here on the earth.

Communion in the Worship Hour (February 1965)

The proper approach to worship.

A More Effectual Ministry (May 1938)

Techniques toward a more effectual ministry.

Controlling Entire Issue of Newspaper (May 1937)

One of the first requisites in securing an en­tire issue of a newspaper is that the evangelist become a friend of the editor, the town officials, and others who can help him.
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