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William Loveless

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Articles by William Loveless

Winning and Holding Our Youth (January 1940)

The winning of our youth is a problem for every worker in the conference.

"Oh! Those Juniors!" (December 1942)

When the junior pulpit gets on fire, the whole family will go to church to see it burn!

Pastor-Shepherding the Flock (March 1954)

One of the outstanding genuine revivalists of the nineteenth century was Charles Grandison Finney.

Pastor-Suggested Group Guidance Techniques (February 1954)

The Adventist pastor has many opportunities for guidance in the program of his church.

Indian Summer (November 1965)

The days of Indian summer are always fleeting.

It began before it Happened (February 1966)

Faith for Today Reaping Evangelism

Health and Religion (December 1978)

An effective union of health education and evangelism requires a new breed of minister and physician.

Christian meditation (January 1986)

Meditation can mean something far greater than staring wistfully at drifting clouds. When guided by Scripture and practiced regularly, it can open whole new vistas to your understanding of God and His Word.

Can preaching change behavior? (July 1998)

Final of a three-part series on preaching

The essence of good preaching (June 1998)

Second of a three-part series on relevance in preaching

Preaching: The endeavor itself (May 1998)

Bringing the elements of preaching together

Appreciative inquiry: Lessons from a business model (November 2009)

Examining the assumptions supporting David L. Cooperrider's business model, we can focus on the good rather than the problems and thereby achieve a creative spirituality orientation.

Public worship: What's happening? (October 2004)

Six evocative questions for designers of dynamic worship.

Recreation and Vacations (September 1938)

One of the greatest needs of civilized peo­ple today is the need for rest, repose, and relaxation.
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