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M. K. Eckenroth

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Articles by M. K. Eckenroth

Preparing and Delivering Sermons (May 1941)

Biblical Exposition and Homiletic Helps

The Growing "Air Arm" of the Message (February 1942)

The technique of another Bible School of the Air

A Larger Approach to Larger Evangelism (June 1943)

We need to review anew our concept of soul-winning work and its place in our budget of finance and time.

Progressive Charting of the 2300 Days (March 1945)

To make the message live as it is being pre­sented is the constant problem of the Advent­ist evangelist. We need, as never before, ef­fective aids in illustrating the message.

Reserved-Seat-Request Plan (September 1946)

A look at a simple advertisement plan.

Identifying Our Program as S.D.A. (August 1946)

The question of identifying the sponsors of our evangelistic endeavor is a very real one for any Adventist preacher who goes into the field to hold a series of meetings.

Meeting Opposition in Minneapolis (April 1946)

Whenever an evangelist of the advent cause " begins a series of public meetings, the enemies of truth gird for a struggle to the end.

The Need for a Quick Work (December 1947)

The searching words found in John 13:27 are, of definite significance to the workers of Christ's church today—"That thou doest, do quickly."

Evangelistic Handbill Exchange (August 1947)

For some time the Ministerial Association has sponsored a handbill exchange, with many of our evangelists cooperating.

Entering Wedge at Cortland, NY (December 1948)

June 19, 1948, was a Sabbath long to be remembered in the history of the Cortland, New York, Seventh-day Adventist church.

The Evangelistic Bookstore (November 1948)

One cannot overemphasize the necessity of giving most careful thought to the full use of message-filled, attractive, approved literature.

Adventists Fill Place as Interpreters of the Time (July 1948)

A significant fact regarding this meeting, held in the heart of the nation's capital, is that our leaders have set the pace for our evange­lists in proclaiming to the world what we know to be truth as it relates to our times and their meaning.

On Revealing Our Identity—No. 3 (April 1948)

Continuing our look at how to approach public evangelism.

Health Foods' and Evangelism (June 1948)

The health message has rightly been called "the right arm of the message" by God's messenger. I have always felt that a successful evangelistic program should incorporate all the basic fundamentals of the message, and in connection with my meetings have included special health lectures, demonstrations, and food dis­plays.

Catholic Evangelistic Centers (May 1948)

Has the Catholic Church stolen a march on us by actually putting into practice on a large scale the "evangelistic center" idea?

Short Campaigns; Long Follow-up (May 1948)

A most interesting experiment in evangelism was recently carried out by the stu­dents of the Hawaiian Mission Academy, who held meetings in the Manoa Valley housing area in Honolulu.

A Frank Discussion on Revealing Our Identity—No. 2 (March 1948)

How to approach the public in our evangelism work.

A Frank Discussion on Revealing Our Identity (February 1948)

On evangelistic objectives and techniques.

Mechanical Preparation for an Effort (January 1948)

A look at the ten steps of Evangelistic preparation.

Personal Ministry in the Aftermeeting (October 1949)

The importance of personal work in public evangelism cannot be overemphasized.

The State of the Church (April 1949)

The report points out significantly that America is now enjoying the greatest period of church membership among its citizenry.

Evangelism-Winning Men For God (May 1954)

At the outset we can catch a glimpse of the fundamental principles underlying the meeting of the problem of prejudice.

Evangelism-Winning Men For God (April 1954)

The Spirit of prophecy was decades in advance of the times as concerned the need and procedures for gospel and evangelistic techniques.

Southern Asia Seminary Extension School (August 1955)

Report from a recent seminary extension school.

"That Thou Doest, Do Quickly" (January 1955)

Sermon for launching an evangelistic campaign.

Philosophy and Objectives of the Department of Practical Theology (October 1956)

I have had correspondence from a minister whose letterhead carries the inscription, "Department of Practical Theology." This is most heartening and assuring, for certainly this is the only kind of theol­ogy that in the final sum and substance is of any value.

The Training Function of a Pastor (July 1956)

How is training in our schools best to be approached?

Where Is the Lamb? (January 1956)

What test can compare with that of being called upon to sacrifice the miraculous son of one's old age?

Worship and Evangelism (July 1957)

Worship consists of three major func­tions—appreciation, communion, and offer­ing. Evangelism has as its objective the function of being the vehicle through which men and women are brought into a knowledge of and a fellowship with the true and living God. This article examines the close relationship between them.

Reaching Men for Christ (August 1963)

Talk prepared for the Ministerial Association Institute, 1962 General Conference session.

Pulpit: The Recompense of Devotion The Importance of Daniel (May 1953)

Therefore also I have lent him to the Lord; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the Lord.

"Dimension" at CUC (January 1965)

a new experiment program at Columbia Union College

The Collapsing Asphalt Jungle (February 1962)

Here we are on the verge of eternity, and we stand with pitifully small evange­listic budgets while we face soaring costs to maintain the overhead and understand­able demands for additional physical fa­cilities.

Religion Center Columbia Union College (July 1966)

Changes at Columbia Union College

Training Pastoral Assistants (August 1967)

Training college prepared workers

Pastor and Counselor (July 1967)

As time goes on, the role of a pastor as a counselor increases in importance.

Emphasis on the Ministry (May 1967)

The growth of the ministerial training program.

Applied Religion at Columbia Union College (March 1969)

APPLIED religion introduces the theology major of Columbia Union College to certain basic principles in ministerial practicum that we believe will provide fundamental preparation for the further training he will receive at the Theological Seminary at Andrews University. . .

What Evangelistic Preaching Is Expected to Do (August 1975)

THE HEARTTHROB, the very life, the center, the core of real evangelistic preaching, is found in Dob bins' statement that "Christ is the center and circumference of disciple winning. This is the supreme lesson which John learned and which he would share with us. All the plans and purposes of Christianity gather about a Person. Unless Christ is at the center, all theology and ecclesiology eventually become false and futile. . .

FEATURES: The Old Ring (February 1952)

"Just what is it that makes a sermon have the old ring?"

Evangelistic "Guerrilla" Tacitcs (July 1975)

THIS AGE has been called the Age of Aquarius, but it might also be labeled as the Age of the Anonymous. Society has demanded new systems of labeling of foods, drugs, clothing; in fact, almost everything one buys. Why? The answer lies in the anonymous marketing of almost everything. A natural suspicion has arisen. It has been proved to be justifiable time and again. . .

A New Day for Evangelism (Part 1) (June 1975)

LEIGHTON FORD correctly declares that the Christian is true to his calling only when he is engaged in evangelizing the world about him. He quotes Archbishop Temple by saying, "The church is the only organization on earth which does not exist for the sake of its members." 1 There has been a tendency among some in recent years to downgrade evangelism. But a new day is dawning for gospel outreach. . .

RADIO AND TELEVISION EVANGELISM: Television No Longer an Experiment (December 1950)

"As with radio, so television has come into being at a time when vast, earth-shaking events are occurring in our world."

LITERATURE EVANGELISM: The Evangelistic Reading Room (June 1950)

The content of an evangelistic reading room

EDITORIAL KEYNOTES: A Sympathetic Ministry Needed (May 1950)

"Do your people know you love them? How do you express it?"

PULPIT AND STUDY: Construction of the Evangelistic Sermon—No. 2 (April 1950)

The continuation of the original one started in March
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