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Meade Macguire

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Articles by Meade Macguire

We Need Victory (January 1928)

Why do so few seem men and women experience complete deliverance from sin and the joy and satisfaction such freedom is said to produce?

Editorial Keynotes (December 1928)

Thoughts from the editor's desk.

Doing Work for Eternity (October 1928)

Thoughts from the editor's desk.

Editorial Keynotes (September 1928)

Thoughts from the editor's desk on union with Christ.

Editorial Keynotes (June 1928)

Floods of Spiritual Power

Has Our Vision Changed? (March 1934)

Are we still voices crying out in the wilderness?

The Question of Altar Calls (March 1938)

There are three great powers of the mind, which in their normal action fol­low clearly defined psychological laws.

The Early and Latter Rain—No. 1 (September 1939)

Biblical exposition help for your consideration.

Is the Standard Too High? (November 1956)

Do we have any definite criterion by which we may determine just what are the right standards for true Christians?

"Learn of Me" (September 1938)

Christ sought to impress indelibly upon the minds of His disciples the lesson of humility.

Power for the Finishing of the Work No. 3 (March 1937)

That which took place on the day of Pente­cost is precisely what we long to witness today.

Basic Importance of Right Motives (January 1936)

The motives which lead an individual to make a profession of religion have much to do with his subsequent experience. For this reason it is extremely important that every worker should endeavor to present the truth in a way that will produce or arouse right motives.

Common Excuses in Personal Work (April 1933)

Advice on becoming a successful soul winner.

The Preparation of Sermons (May 1932)

Guidance from Charles Finney on revival and preaching.

Soul-Winning Methods (October 1932)

Improvement in method and technique.

The Crisis of Decision* (May 1931)

Talk to Bible Workers at General Con­ference.

The Preparation of the Sermon (July 1931)

In the construction and delivery of sermons there is a superior and successful way, as well as a poor and inefficient way. We explore the differences.

The Crisis of Decision (December 1931)

The crisis of decision in bible work.

Forward and Upward (January 1930)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution

The Character of Personal Visitation (November 1930)

What do you understand to be the preacher's objective in visit­ing people in their homes?

The Minister's Books (December 1930)

Ministerial Reading Course symposium (Continued).

Editorial Keynotes (February 1929)

It is essential to keep constantly and prayerfully in mind God's standard and requirements for His people, in order that our lives may stand the great test for eternity.

Forward and Upward (June 1929)

Articles for inspiration, counsel, and caution.

The Life of Victory (June 1929)

Valuable quotations from the Spirit of Prophecy.
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