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A. Allan Martin

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Articles by A. Allan Martin

Engaging Adventist Millennials: A church that embraces relationships (May 2014)

The Barna Group surveyed Millennials who were (or had been) part of an Adventist congregation in order to understand their common experiences and attitudes. See some of the results.

Problems with Modeling Clay (April 2012)

From our special revival and reformation feature.

Embracing those who reject religion: An interview with Roger Dudley (January 2009)

A foremost authority on youth ministries reflects upon 50 years of research to understand the spiritual experience of teenagers.

Reaching out: Making a difference with young adults (July 2008)

I first learned the term, the bystander effect, in my undergraduate social psychology class. Wikipedia defines it as "a psychological phenomenon in which someone is less likely to intervene in an emergency situation when other people are present and able to help than when he or she is alone." The article references a variety of horrific incidences in which dozens of bystanders "stood by" and did nothing as homicides occurred before their eyes.
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