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W. H. Mattison

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Articles by W. H. Mattison

Goa Opens Up (November 1966)

The command to "Go" to Goa that came in January, 1966.

Southern Asia Ministerial Institutes (January 1968)

"The one great cure for any ills in a church is evangelism."

Evangelism "EXPLO" in India (June 1971)

NINETEEN hundred and seventy was the year when Seventh-day Adventist attention was riveted on Atlantic City and the General Conference. Many leading men in this division had to drop their work and for two or three months attend the world conference. However the great majority of men who made the glowing General Conference baptismal reports possible labored on. . .

Evangelism's Opportunity in Southern Asia (June 1970)

SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION people, increasing at the rate of 13 million a year—this is Southern Asia today.
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