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E.L. Maxwell

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Articles by E.L. Maxwell

Fallacy of Antinomian Arguments (November 1935)

Exposing an antinomian argument advanced by the Campbellites.

The Better Workman (April 1930)

Public debate with ministers of other denominations was at one time a very live issue with us, but of late years this has not been the case, which is no doubt due largely to the fact that our denomination has come to be a recognized factor in the evan­gelization of the world. Still there are yet to be found, here and there, a few valiant spirits who feel that they can and should cross lances with Sev­enth-day Adventists.

The Question of Debates: Stating Propositions (May 1930)

Advice on entering into debates with none Adventists on bible topics.

The Minister in Legal Affairs (February 1929)

Round table advice for ministers.
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