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Mitchell R. Garrett

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Articles by Mitchell R. Garrett

Advertising From an Airplane (June 1940)

With all the competition we encounter in gathering an audience, we must use every legitimate method at hand to arrest the attention of the masses.

Telephone Reservation Cards (July 1943)

In these modern times, with all the attractions of the world, securing and holding an au­dience is no small part of a successful evan­gelistic effort.

City-wide Effort on Small Budget (April 1947)

All our workers want to know how to con­duct a successful city-wide effort on a small budget. Here's advice.

EVANGELISTIC OBJECTIVES AND TECHNIQUES: Using the Musical Airplane (December 1950)

"The message we are carrying to the world is symbolized by angels flying in the midst of heaven."

Evangelism for Non-Adventist Youth (January 1933)

In our evangelistic efforts we should not forget the youth not of our faith
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