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Derek Morris

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Articles by Derek Morris

A broad and comprehensive mission (November 2012)

Serving as a pastor in the twenty-first century is hard work.

A call for reformation (March 2011)

The reformation we all need is a continued shaping of our hearts and lives in harmony with the will of God.

A Christ-centered mission (June 2011)

The apostle Paul was bold and unapologetic in his confession to the followers of Jesus in Corinth: “I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1 Cor. 2:2).* Similarly, to Christians in Galatia, he wrote, “God forbid that I should boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Gal. 6:14).

A clear sense of identity (February 2015)

As we study the Scriptures, we discover not only where we came from but also where we are going.

A Conversation with Adventist Church leaders in Europe (October 2011)

European people live in a society that has left Christianity behind—how do Christians witness in this atmosphere?

A Passion for Revival: An interview with Lee Venden (February 2012)

The author encourages people to spend time each day with God in Bible study and prayer and then share the received blessings with others.

A Practical Guide to Evangelism: How to Win and Keep New Members (December 2015)

The author advises that “when using and interpreting the writings of Ellen G. White, we must apply the same principles of interpretation to them as we do to Scripture.”

A Remarkable Testimony (Ministry Magazine Editor's Blog)

I heard a remarkable testimony this morning. My colleague John was visiting his home region of Bangalore, India. . .

Adventist Evangelistic Preaching (July/August 2015)

A valuable resource for seasoned and inexperienced evangelists alike.

Affirming the Women in the Church: The Role of Women’s Ministry (October 2013)

Read why two pastors’ wives became involved in Women’s Ministry.

Avoiding pastoral burnout (January 2015)

What is your greatest challenge in ministry? I am sure we could find numerous answers to that question, but let me suggest one that is mentioned more and more frequently: exhaustion.

Blessed to Bless (November 2014)

Both individually and collectively, we have been blessed to bless.

Building a support network (May 2015)

Take a moment to reflect on your current support system.

Bullets or buckshot (September 2000)

An interview with Haddon Robinson on effective preaching

Called to preach: an interview with E. E. Cleveland and Benjamin Reaves (December 2006)

Two great preachers discuss the importance of preaching, preparation for preaching, and making an appeal at the end of the sermon.

Celebration and experience in preaching (March 2001)

An interview with Henry H. Mitchell by Derek J. Morris.

Christianity With Power (May 1993)

This book has been hailed as a "landmark publication."

Circles of Influence (Ministry Magazine Editor's Blog)

I received an e-mail last week from one of our readers in Virginia, USA...

Classic Sermons on the Cross of Christ (September 1993)

A compilation of 12 great sermons on the cross of Christ.

Crossing the language barrier (March 2016)

We have made the commitment to provide a translation of our lead article each month in a variety of languages.

Daily Bread (May 2011)

I have found great joy knowing that countless Christians around the world are also seeking to be filled with the Word of God.

Defending Basic Rights: A Conversation with Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Leaders (March 2014)

As a result of this interview, you will gain a deeper understanding of the work and involvement of these leaders in the religious liberty and public affairs in our world.

Difficult Questions (March 2014)

How do you deal with difficult questions?

Discerning the Signs of the Times (February 2012)

Have we become so accustomed to the chaos of our time that we cannot see the signs of the times?

Discerning the will of God (June 2016)

Sometimes when we ask for a sign, the Holy Spirit simply points us back to the Word that has already been revealed.

Effective sermon delivery (September)

Successful preaching is a science and an art. This article will transport you from thorough sermon preparation to effective delivery—one step at a time.

Embracing the next generation: an interview with Josh McDowell (March 2006)

A well-known speaker and author shares his passion for ministry to youth.

Examine everything carefully (August 2012)

We need a firm biblical foundation.

Extending Christ’s Healing Ministry: An interview with Chaplain Jay Perez (November 2011)

Read how God uses a hospital chaplain who impacts lives and communities with the healing ministry of Christ.

Faithful to the end (July/August 2015)

In this double issue, we focus on the important themes of the second coming of Jesus and mission.

Feedback and evaluation: Key to relevant biblical preaching (January 2001)

Using congregational feedback to improve preaching

Finding Strength and Wisdom Through the Word of God (September 2011)

Have you ever found strength and wisdom through the Word of God in a moment of temptation? It happened for Jesus. Three temptations are recorded during His time of fasting and prayer in the wilderness, and each time Jesus found strength and wisdom in the Scriptures. . .

First person narrative preaching: A fresh approach for telling the old, old story (May 2008)

Here's a way to incorporate drama into the sermon in a way that church members will find refreshing.

From panic to purpose: the process and benefits of planning a preaching calendar (September 2004)

How to successfully hold a preaching calendar, and how it can and will benefit you.

Give me this mountain! (Ministry Magazine Editor's Blog)

Caleb was 85 years old when he came to his long-time friend Joshua with this request. . .

Give them something to eat (March 2012)

How would your hearers describe the focus of your public presentations and personal interac­tions? Are you giving them more substantial nourishment than the junk food of this present age?

Going Digital (November 2013)

Announcing the launch of Ministry online.

How millennial are you? (May 2014)

What is your experience either as a Millennial yourself or building bridges of understanding and community with Millennials in your congregation?

How to care for your voice: Eight practical suggestions for preachers (July/August 2010)

Are you taking care of the instrument God gave you to spread the gospel?

Inductive preaching: An interview with Fred B. Craddock (July 1998)

Preaching that leads people to arrive at their own conclusions

Learning About Evangelism (February 2014)

This special issue of Ministry is devoted to the theme of evangelism—both personal and public.

Learning from the marketplace: Interview with Patricia Fripp (May 2003)

An interview: Practical principles for effective public speaking

Les dangers et les privilèges du ministère pastoral ()

Les graines semées il y a des années peuvent produire une généreuse récolte.

Life-changing preaching: An interview with Haddon W. Robinson (July 2014)

An outstanding preacher shares how he senses the hand of God as he speaks to his listeners.

Lifelong learners (May 2013)

How can we reach the teaming masses with the good news about Jesus?

Listening to your listeners (February 2007)

Many preachers view preaching as simply a time to speak. They fail to recognize that effective preachers need to listen attentively to their listeners. Every listener provides valuable feedback during the sermon, and wise preachers will learn to listen attentively to this feedback in order to connect more effectively with their congregation.

Lord, teach us to preach! (October 2001)

The bottom-line essentials in preaching.

Making room for young leaders (September 2015)

Do you have young adults in your circle of influence who have leadership potential?

Marketplace preaching: Interview with Calvin Miller (November 1998)

A highly respected preacher talks about reaching people where they are

Mentor: An experienced and trusted advisor (September 2014)

She gave me a visible manifestation of the unfathomable love of God. Who could ask for more?
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