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Roy Naden

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Articles by Roy Naden

Focus on Living (March 1972)

THE idea of a totally different television approach by the church in Australia was born from urgent necessity about five years ago. It was--and still is--almost impossible to buy prime or semiprime time on any of Australia's major stations. We had seen excellent results from Faith for Today and It Is Written in those areas where the telecasts had been given reasonably good time slots, but increased competition made it extremely difficult to obtain the necessary time slots in all areas. . .

Preparing your sermon (October 1984)

A sermon, like anything else, is made up of parts. But how can you blend the various parts so that you still have one sermon instead of several separate speeches on unrelated topics? The tenth in our series of twelve articles on preaching suggests construction techniques for building an organized, unified sermon.

Discovering spiritual gifts (March 1983)

Christians are often not aware of the particular gifts bestowed on them by the Holy Spirit. Now a carefully designed test will help them identify these gifts.

Changing perceptions of health work (August 1990)

What results came from the Adventist Health System/Sunbelt's first conference on mission? How much agreement was there?

The Holy Spirit and evangelism (March 1993)

Do we have the will to recognize the Spirit's empowerment of God's people?

Contemporary manifestations of the prophecy gift (June 1999)

The role of the gift of prophecy in the local congregation

The Authority Paradox (April 2000)

A biblical view of the source and function of authority in the church

The nature of Christ: Four measures of a mystery (June 2003)

A review of the Seventh-day Adventist understanding of the divine-human nature of Jesus Christ

You are gifted (October 2004)

A Christocentric discussion of the sixteenth statement of Seventh-day Adventist faith.
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