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Phillipina Naude

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Articles by Phillipina Naude

"Ye Shall Know Hereafter" (February 1944)

Worship talk at Workshop for Directors of Schools of Nursing, Berrien Springs, Michigan, June, 1943.

Hospital a Social Institution-5 (July 1942)

Part five of our series on hospital services.

Hospital as a Social Institution-2 (April 1942)

Part two of our series continues.

Hospital as a Social Institution (May 1942)

Part three considers Hospital Contributions

The Hospital as a Social Institution (March 1942)

Excerpts from a thesis submitted to the faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Colo­rado, Department of Sociology, 1941, in partial ful­fillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Arts. In five parts—this is part 1.
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