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N. P. Neilsen

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Articles by N. P. Neilsen

Our Charge as Undershepherds (July 1940)

Do you feed your flock or yourselves?

Counsel for Committee Members (December 1969)

A COMMITTEE dealing in the course of its work with men under its direction can easily "talk a man up" by speaking of his virtues, his abilities, or his strong points. . .

Avoid Extremes (April 1937)

The enemy of our souls would gladly lead us to take extreme positions. It does not matter much to him in which direction we go, whether to the right or to the left, if only we become extreme in the position which we take.

Avoid Hard Thrusts (July 1937)

We have a very solemn message to give to the world, and it must be given in the spirit of love and meekness.

Dealing With Fellow Workers (March 1936)

On dealing with committees.

Justification and Sanctification Illustrated (May 1934)

What is the difference between justification by faith and sanctification?

The Assigned Work of the Church (October 1934)

Our business as ministers of God is to give ever and always the message of redemption from sin.

The Hour of God's Opportunity (October 1933)

The world is passing through a crisis. What is our duty, then, in such a time as this?

A Positive Message Requisite (October 1932)

Many denominations are losing their distinctiveness, and could well be merged together. They have lost the message which made them separate from others. But not so with Seventh-day Adventists. We have a definite, positive message which we are bound before God to give to the world.

The Minister—His Message, Authority, and Power (December 1932)

When the minister enters the sacred desk to speak to the people, he should have for them a living message from the living God. If he has such a message, he need offer no apologies for giving it; but if not, it were better to hold his peace.
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