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Lawrence Nelson

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Articles by Lawrence Nelson

Youth Join Hands (December 1963)

Missionary volunteers believe the time has arrived for God's youth to join hands with the pastors in active soul winning.

A Million Prayers a Day (February 1968)

Evil is multiplying with such rapidity that the minister often wonders how the youth of the church can withstand present-day temptations.

New Evangelistic Visual Aids (May 1969)

TO SECURE converts who will remain in the church is the aim of every pastor, evangelist, and church administrator. . .

Preaching WIth VIsual Aids (October 1971)

VISUAL aids on the sanctuary captivate the audience and simplify the message. Preachers who have used visual aids know from experience that such a presentation gets the message across with a clear conception far better than that attained in using a screen with pictures. . .
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