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Wilbur K. Nelson

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Articles by Wilbur K. Nelson

Should Medical Evangelism Be Emphasized in Our Ministerial Training? (December 1959)

What is the approach the school should take in providing this type of training within the ministerial curriculum? Is a rad­ical change implied?

"Lots" on Your Mind? (December 1965)

Sanctified, balanced thinking is a great essential of the ministry in this urgent final hour of history.

Essential Unity of Ministry and Medical Work (August 1965)

Why and how healing and preaching go together.

Are Adventists Fundamentalists? (April 1965)

A look at the history of Fundamentalism and its relation to Adventism.

Light by the China Sea (February 1965)

The story of Abram La Rue.

Educated--to what degree? (June 1966)

How educated should a minister be?

"Young Men are Wanted" (March 1966)

To be used to guide a boy into a life of ministry for God should be among the highest ambitions in each preacher's career.

The Counterpoint of Duty and Desire (February 1967)

Our desires for the church and our present duty in the church need not produce tension or discord.

Are You Robbing Your Body? (December 1969)

THE foolishness of robbing the body of rest in one's search for success is cited in Psalm 127:2 where it says: "It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late." To paraphrase this ancient admonition we seem to hear the psalmist saying. . .

The Talking Body (October 1969)

THERE is an ancient and fascinating story that comes alive during a time of rioting in ancient Rome about five hundred years before Christ. The people were in rebellion against the governing nobility. They cried, "You great men have the titles; all we have is toiling. . .

Wanted: Real Live Missionaries (October 1971)

NO DOUBT you remember being in the junior tent at camp meeting when the leader said: "Boys and girls, this morning we are going to have a story from a real live missionary!" "Live" missionaries who remain in the field of service know the vital importance of good health. Physically, mentally, and spiritually they must stay alive if they are to effectively witness for Christ. . .

Please, Preacher--Pause! (March 1971)

JUST what does it take to win a soul to Jesus Christ in the sophisticated seventies?

Should Ministers Be Involved in Health Ministry? (September 1970)

WERE a pen of inspiration to outline "a program for ministerial effectiveness during this new decade, what would be written? What great issues that challenge the ministry today would merit prophetic comment?

Avoiding "Heir Pollution" (August 1970)

Not only has man's physical environment near the cities been dangerously polluted but the spiritual degeneration that brought judgments to Sodom again typifies city life of this last generation.

Why We Adopted the Cap and Gown for Commencement (June 1934)

It has been the custom of the graduating class for the past three years at Pacific Union Col­lege to wear the conventional academic dress.
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