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James R. Newby

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Articles by James R. Newby

Learn to love the difficult (September 1990)

We don't naturally love what is difficult for us. But learning to do so, particularly when it comes to managing our time, will improve our lives and our ministry.

Serving the Servant (January 1990)

Why do so many pastors want to be called Doctor?

Dynamics of spiritual leadership (July 1994)

Passion, pain, and prayer are qualities needed in today's spiritual leaders.

Where is the church going? (January 2002)

Five things the church needs to do to make a difference in today's world.

Balanced pastoral leadership: Healing the healers (July/August 2005)

What are the marks of a well-balanced, healthy pastoral minister whose work and leadership results in the practice of good ministry? My experience in working with and training pastors leads me to list four teen important marks.

What lies ahead for the church? (September 1983)

Why is it that the Christian book market has moved from theological debate and social concern to autobiographical faith statements? Why is it that celebrities such as Pat Boone, Anita Bryant, Terry Bradshaw, and Johnny Cash have replaced the great minds of our theological schools as spokesmen on the Christian faith?
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