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William H. Newcomb

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Articles by William H. Newcomb

God's Answer to Stress (June 1975)

IN PREVIOUS articles we have mentioned our need to compensate for our lack of self-worth and security by using methods that will build a Christian sense of self-worth. How did this all begin?

Counteracting the Counterfeits (May 1975)

LAST month's article described how our personalities are molded by our environment and by the people with whom we associate. It suggested that by beholding we become changed either for better or for worse. It is only by beholding Christ, the Representative of God's true character, that we can become like Him. . .

Don't Let Emotions Ruin Your Life (April 1975)

IN LAST month's article on emotional stress and its control the physical effects of stress upon the body and the interactions between the mind and the body were discussed. In this article we turn to the emotional and social tendencies and how these may be responsible for stressful situations. . .

Feelings Can Be Fatal (March 1975)

ALL OF us in this modern day and age must deal with stressful situations at one time or another. Many of us have different ways of dealing with the rising tide of anger and frustration and the resulting tension that we may feel. Some of us may present a calm exterior to those around us and may have learned to squelch these inner feelings of stress. While appearing calm on the surface we may burn with indignation and, consequently, indigestion. . .
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