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Bess Ninaj

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Articles by Bess Ninaj

Some Guiding Principles (December 1947)

Fourth in a series of articles on sanitarium Bible work.

How to Find the Interest (November 1947)

Third article in series on sanitarium Bible work. Presented at Nurses' Workshop, Takoma Park.

Spiritual Ministry of Our Sanitariums' (September 1947)

Presentation at workshop of directors of nurses, Takoma Park, May, 1947.

Attracting Patients to Christ (August 1947)

Presented at workshop of directors of schools of nursing.

When You Conduct Your First Cooking School (May 1949)

* A list of cookbooks and nutrition aids was printed in the April MINISTRY. An auxiliary list of pamphlets, charts, and aids on other phases will appear soon on these pages.--Editors.

How the Sanitarium Reaches Hearts (July 1956)

It is true that cleanliness and attractive sur­roundings and good food play an important part in the life of the sick, but most effective is the "atmosphere of grace" produced by the life of the workers.

Ministerial Counseling (April 1957)

A look at recent developments in pastoral counseling.

Organization in the New Testament Church (December 1959)

This outline of instruction for training deacons and deaconesses has been used by Bess Ninaj, an experienced Bible instructor connected with the Washington Sanitarium. Our ministers and workers generally will appreciate this information.—Editors

Youth Wants to Know (April 1959)

A frank discussion on pressing issues.
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