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Julia W. Norcott

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Articles by Julia W. Norcott

We're in this together (December 1997)

A new concept of leadership

A matter of the heart (February 1999)

Without self-respect a person cannot rely on personal character and thus lead others with integrity.

Teachable spirit, teamwork, and Ministry (April 2000)

Is Ministry helpful in your ministry? How can we serve you better? Let us know. You are the reason for Ministry's existence. We want to have a teachable spirit. We want you to be part of our team.

The essential component of unity: Personal integrity (October 2001)

When giving his retirement speech, the prophet Samuel asked the people if he had ever oppressed, cheated, stolen from, or even subtly taken a bribe from any one.

What Heaven sees on the news (October 2002)

Though wearing an expensive dark business suit, the company executive was not on his way to the office.

What kind of respect are you looking for? (June 2003)

These days, being a leader is complex. One of the greatest challenges is achieving a balance between being a friend and confidant to those we lead while also maintaining our role as effective leaders.

Subtly double-minded (April 2004)

Many of us feel overworked-and at times overproud in our abilities to multitask. We have our careers, job responsibilities, coworkers, civic duties, responsibilities to care for those less fortunate, and extended families. We have church duties, community concerns, and financial worries. Then there is terrorism, crime, war-the issues are overwhelming.

Taking back the rich to personal peace (February 2005)

Lessons about forgiveness taken from the Joseph story.
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