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William F. Norwood

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Articles by William F. Norwood

Moses, the First Sanitarian (December 1941)

When Moses submitted to God's plan for him to lead the trek of a million and a half slaves from Egypt to Palestine, he must have been aware of some of the public-health and hygiene problems involved.

The Religio-Medical Liaison—No. 1 (July 1945)

Presented before the Mental Hygiene Study Group of the faculty, March 22, 1945. Dr. Norwood is associate professor of the history of medicine at the medical col­lege.

Medicine and the Changing World* (July 1946)

Our Health Message a Part of Our World Mission

"Let This Mind. .." (Concluded) (June 1947)

The conclusion to this two-part series.

"Let This Mind Be in You ... " (May 1947)

Address at opening convocation, School of Medi­cine, C.M.E., Los Angeles, September, 1946.
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