A.R. Ogden

Bv A. R. OGDEN, Minister, Cristobal, Canal Zone

Ordain Local Burden Bearers

The counsel of the great apostle Paul that men should be ordained in every church to care for the members of the flock is particu­larly important.

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The Minister and the Sabbath School

Is it possible for any Seventh-day Adventist to be in good standing in the church who is not interested enough in the work of the church to be a member of the Sabbath school?

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Ministerial Decorum in Church Services

There is nothing of small importance in the life, influence, and work of a gospel worker.

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Decorum at Special Services

While all the services connected with the Lord's house and worship should be char­acterized by reverence, special solemnity should invest the sacred services of baptism, the communion, and marriages and funerals.

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