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Enoch Oliveira

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Articles by Enoch Oliveira

"I was Too Busy" (August 1962)

I was too busy. Now I am concentrating on the work to which God has called me—the winning of souls.

Tohu and Wabou (December 1963)

Great words of the Bible--24

Evangelism and Overpopulation (March 1963)

If the earth's population were suddenly to become stabilized at its present size, the Christian church would still be faced with tasks of superhuman proportions. Dark spots in every Christian land, rampant materialism, growing unbelief, non-Christian masses, et cetera, all constitute a colossal challenge. Add to this the amazing population explosions, and we can only cry to Heaven for the Spirit of God to break through for His glory. This is the burden of our writer in this sec¬tion

No Room for Jesus! (December 1965)

Why men exhibit a disagreeable attitude toward our Redeemer.

Ministerial Deontology (April 1960)

Ministerial evangelism, as a sacred vocation, grants to everyone who follows it great privi­leges and much honor and pride of achievement. It is obvious, therefore, that as a logical con­sequence of the privileges inherent in his in­vestiture, the minister also has duties and obli­gations.

The Universal Priesthood (August 1972)

IN THE old Hebrew system, the high priest was the only person who could enter the Most Holy Place. In his white garments, protected by the curtain of incense smoke, and trembling, he approached the divine throne and returned from that en counter with God to announce to the people that the atonement work had been accomplished. . .

Fragments of Time (January 1972)

For many years, the railroad that unites the cities of New York and Buffalo went around a large, deep valley known as the Tunkhannock Vally. Studying the possibilities of lessening the distance, the directors of the undertaking, counseled by a group of engineers, decided to construct a gigantic viaduct through the valley that would cost twelve million dollars. . .

New methods for a new journey (January 1981)

As you take inventory of gains and losses in your ministry during 1980 you will no doubt have several entries on the debit side of the balance sheet But you don't have to carry them over into the new year.

Reform or redemption: must the church choose? (September 1982)

Many of the citizens of this world are oppressed and exploited. Should this cause the church to espouse political and social issues with ever greater fervor? Can it do so and still proclaim the gospel?
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