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V. Norskov Olsen

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Articles by V. Norskov Olsen

Called to be a minister (April 1995)

A biblical, theological, historical inquiry of ordination and its relevance to ministry

Forgiveness in the Light of the Hebrew Language (April 1963)

An examination of the words "forgive" and "forgiveness" in the Old Testament.

Forgiveness in the New Testament (July 1963)

Great words of the Bible continued.

How the doctrine of baptism changed (July 1978)

The period of the Pergamos church was a time of doctrinal amalgamation and changing beliefs. V. Norskov Olsen traces how one doctrine, the doctrine of baptism, underwent a change during this era.

MINISTER-TO-BE: Persuasive Preaching (January 1952)

"The ultimate aim in all preaching is to persuade."

The Christ Alone (January 1980)

A great need in Christianity today, says V. Norskov Olsen, is for the church to return to the Reformation's controlling principle that all theology and religious experience must revolve about Christ alone.

The essence of the Baptist movement (November 1978)

"The Baptists remained firm in their rejection of an alliance between church and state in which each uses the other for its own sake."

The Recovery of Adult Baptism (September 1978)

Protestants and Catholics alike opposed and persecuted those who sought to restore the New Testament doctrine of adult baptism.

The Usage of the Greek Words Translated Forgive and Forgiveness (May 1963)

A continuation of our great words of the bible series.
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