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Articles by A. V. OLSON

Forward Despite All Difficulties (December 1939)

There has never been a time when the chil­dren of God did not have to face difficulties in their efforts to promote the interests of His sacred cause.

Heads Cool and Nerves Steady (August 1940)

In times of great crisis, there are certain human tendencies, or weaknesses, that must be guarded against. Perhaps the two most dangerous are panic and paralysis.

Cornerstone of Christian Faith (September 1942)

The doctrine of the deity of Christ is the very cornerstone upon which the Chris­tian religion is built

Editorials (April 1955)

From the editor's desk

God's Plan for Confession (July 1956)

God's plan for the confession and re­mission of sin is wonderful. But does this amount to setting up confessionals?

Features (August 1954)

"Behold I Come." Our Attitude in Public Prayer.

The Judgment in Heaven (November 1962)

The sanctuary question is one of the cardinal doc­trines of the Seventh-day Ad­ventist Church.

The Marriage of the Lamb (September 1962)

In the word of God the very close and intimate un­ion between Christ and His people is often illustrated by the marriage relationship.

The Incarnation and Nature of Christ (January 1962)

The incarnation of Christ is a profound mystery. As de­clared by the apostle Paul, "Great is the mystery of god­liness: God was manifest in the flesh" (1 Tim. 3:16).

When Will Isaiah 11:6-9 Be Fulfilled (June 1961)

FROM time to time we re­ceive letters asking when and where the conditions de­scribed in Isaiah and in the Testimonies will meet their fulfillment.

The Sin of Professional Jealousy (May 1934)

At various times, and in different parts of the world, we have met Seventh-day Adventist workers who seemed glad because their successors were having no better success than they themselves had experienced when laboring in the same field. And we have met other workers who were sick with envy because others were meeting with better success than they themselves had had.

The Test of True Leadership (July 1934)

To be a true leader means more than simply to be good.

Are we Faithful to Our Trust? (March 1933)

We are told by historians that as the apostles died and new leaders arose, they gradually remodeled the church. Step by step they went farther and farther away from God—all due to the laxity of their lead­ers.

Our Primary Need Today (May 1933)

What we need today more than money is a deeper, fuller, richer Christian experience.
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