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Robert W. Olson

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Articles by Robert W. Olson

Physician in Local Church (December 1947)

The average Seventh-day Adventist congregation looks to its physicians not only for medical assistance but also for spiritual leader­ship.

Making Health Reform Attractive (May 1955)

How can I make true health reform so attractive that I may help influence the mem­bers of my church to adopt it?

"She Is My Bookmaker" (December 1975)

ELLEN WHITE had many secretaries and helpers during her lifetime. Probably none of them was more highly appreciated than Marian Davis, who worked for her for twenty-five years, from 1879 to 1904. Miss Davis' special role was the organizing of Mrs. White's writings into books. . .

Ellen White and Literary Dependency (June 1980)

MINISTRY Editor J. R. Spangler interviews Robert W. Olson, secretary, and Ron Graybill, assistant secretary, of the White Estate.

1888--issues, outcomes, lessons (February 1988)

Did the 1888 session yield good for the church or bad? How can we benefit from Ellen White's reaction and counsel?

Olson discusses the Veltman study (December 1990)

Robert W. Olson reflects on the Veltman study of The Desire of Ages and, more broadly, on our understanding and use of Ellen White's writings in general.

Ellen White's denials (February 1991)

The former secretary of the White Estate discusses every known instance in which Ellen, James, or W. C. White denied using sources.
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