Ikechukwu Michael Oluikpe

Ikechukwu Michael Oluikpe, PhD candidate in New Testament Studies, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Silang, Cavite, Philippines.

Keeping future faith: Helping youth stay in the church

Alienation, irrelevance, intolerance—familiar experiences and expressions from your youth. How can we be there for them?

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“Life together” for church leaders: Learning from the book of Acts

Be inspired by the examples of togetherness that the New Testament church experienced as reflected in the book of Acts.

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Christus victor: Armageddon and atonement in the Apocalypse

How does Armageddon fit into the plan of redemption?

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Armageddon at the Door

Jon Paulien presents a study on the biblical view of Armageddon.

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