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Gotfried Oosterwal

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Articles by Gotfried Oosterwal

Cargo Cults and Seventh-day Adventism (October 1962)

Dr. Gosterwal is one of our respected workers in Neth­erlands New Guinea, and he has specialized in the study of anthropology.

The Unpardonable Sin (Part 2) (May 1968)

The conclusion to this two-part series.

The Unpardonable Sin (Part 1) (April 1968)

Tackling a thorny question

Adventist Mission: After a Hundred Years (September 1974)

AFTER a hundred years of over seas mission the Adventist Church has grown from a small community of about 6,000 believers in 1874 to a worldwide movement of nearly 2.4 million believers to day; from an exclusively America-based group to a universal church, 80 percent of whose members now live outside North America. And, if the present differences in the annual growth rates continue, ten years from now approximately 85 percent of the Adventist world membership will be found in countries outside North America. . .

The Mission of the Church (July 1972)

The church's mission is to participate in God's own mission. Itself the fruit of God's mission of love, the church is God's agency for the salvation of men, an instrument to carry the gospel into all the world and to gather men from every nation into the one household of God, a living image of God, which reflects His fullness and sufficiency through unselfish love, service, and a holy walk of life. . .

Patterns of SDA Church Growth in North America (June 1978)

A study of 3,217 members in 28 churches across the Lake Union indicates common denominators for both church and individual growth.

Health and Religion (February 1979)

The Healing Mission of the Church. Sickness has its origin in man's broken relationship with God. This we must restore.

How shall we work the cities—from within? (June 1980)

Gottfried Oosterwal, professor of mission, presents the case for a city evangelism directed by those who themselves live in the city.

Every Member a Minister? From Baptism to a Theological Base (February 1980)

Jesus' own baptism is the prototype of every believer's baptism. One of the implications of that fact is the concept that at baptism the Christian is equipped for the work of ministry.

Mission still possible? (December 1986)

Is it possible to make Seventh-day Adventists out of all the truth seekers in the world? Should we even try? What, really, are we trying to do in missions, and can we finish the job?

Gospel, culture, and mission (October 1989)

The applications of the same biblical principles vary in differing cultures. These differences, which Scripture warrants, comprise part of the fertilizer that stimulates church growth.
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