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John Oss

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Articles by John Oss

The Missionary Wife (October 1935)

The work of the missionary is a labor of loving service for others.

Carefulness in Public Utterance (March 1939)

The unity of our work must not be broken by voice or pen

Missionary Wives in Times of Crisis (May 1941)

A Survey of Mission Problems, Methods, and Relationships.

The High Price of Leadership (October 1948)

Many aspire to positions of leadership who are unwilling to pay the full price entailed in this responsibility. Every leader in the Advent Movement should know the necessary qualifications for successful lead­ership, and be willing to live up to the high principles that are involved.

The Missionary Wife (January 1936)

In my last article we studied together the activities of the missionary wife within the church in the mission field. In this final article I shall mention some things that she can do in the work of the church for those outside its membership.
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