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Elizabeth Ostring

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Articles by Elizabeth Ostring

Distractions (January 2018)

Enoch was distinguished; Adam was distracted. What about you? Follow this refreshing interpretation subtly couched in the book of Genesis.

Praying and anointing: A look at James 5:14–16 (November)

Praying for the sick has many benefits—find out how even the church can be blessed.

Living in expectation of the second coming of Jesus (July/August 2015)

“How does one’s understanding of eschatology impact daily living?” asks the author. And how can a pastor help parishioners hasten the day that they long for?

The Sabbath: A celebration of God’s work (January 2015)

This essay argues that the fourth commandment Sabbath sanctity is not only about a day’s rest but also about total commitment to God seven days a week.

Murmuring discontent: A lethal spiritual addiction (September 2013)

Look out for a hidden enemy within your church—a common but deadly condition that infects most congregations.

Oh, no, not a woman! (March 1992)

Our gender is a gift of love from God and need not be an obstacle to our fulfillment.

Our eternally righteous God: Paul's great controversy theme in Romans 11 (September 2010)

The author of this article suggests that Paul's focus is profoundly apocalyptic and classic Seventh-day Adventist theology.
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