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Jerry N. Page

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Articles by Jerry N. Page

God’s work or mine? (March 2018)

God is always at work, and if we seek His plan and join Him in His work, amazing results will come!

Transition priorities (September)

Ministry magazine completes a major transition in our editorial team.

Shutting the back door (July)

If many church members just took on three or four people as their mission, what a difference it could make.

The joys of being dead (April)

This month’s Ministry has several articles about how we can live our Lord’s agape love like the New Testament church did in Acts.

Thank God before you see (January 2017)

Explore the role forgiveness has in the healing process.

Remembering the “way markers” (August)

The very best way in any culture to draw people to our Lord is when we live an authentic, Spirit-filled experience with Jesus.

Final Breakthroughs for Mission (July/August 2015)

Because we are in the last great crisis of this earth’s history, the author asks, “Will we listen to the warnings and appeals of our loving God and grasp the opportunity to be a part of the final breakthroughs before Jesus comes?”

What Does Hebrews 4 Really Say? (June 1978)

Not what some Adventists have concluded, says the author.

Sleepwalkers, awake! (January 2011)

The newly elected ministerial secretary shares several wake-up calls the Lord has used to help form some of the core values of his life and ministry.

Strategies for a False Teaching (August 2012)

From the Ministerial Secretary
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