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Victor M. Parachin

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Articles by Victor M. Parachin

Living with dying (January 1994)

How do we minister to parents who have lost a child?

Helping men mourn (September 1995)

Twelve steps to help men whose emotional turmoil conflicts with the male stereotype to be stoic

Bereavement ministry: the importance of funeral home visits (May 1999)

Enriching our funeral and funeral home ministry

Dealing with criticism (September 2001)

Helpful principles when facing critical people.

Times of spiritual darkness: Twelve ways out (November 2003)

Proactive ways that help us rise from deep spiritual depressions

Funeral services are good for people (November 2004)

The benefits and blessings of well-conducted funerals.

The ABCs of everyday spiritual leadership (July/August 2005)

Lessons about spiritual leadership from every letter of the alphabet.

Ministering to the mentally ill pastor (March 2005)

Constructive ways to relate to pastors who are suffering mentally.
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