Dorothy Parfitt

Dorothy Parfitt is a homemaker and freelance writer living in Queensland, Australia.

No Need To Starve (Concluded)

I HAVE overcome my initial embarrassment at putting our plain, wholesome food before guests. True, not all visitors are equally polite. There was the pig breeder given breakfast at our place when his home was flooded who was openly skeptical of our chances of surviving with out his products. . .

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No Need To Starve (Part 1)

DURING married student days I thought of writing on "How to Live on Love" for the encouragement of fellow strugglers for survival. A short time on internship surprised me with little change—improved income was matched by increased demands. But time, taste, and improved health have taught us that a simple diet has advantages that might be the envy of people without financial restrictions. . .

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Adventist Women in Purdah?

Australian women might as well be in purdah, secluded, in the tradition of the East, from all social contact except with their husbands. They are the most uninteresting women outside the Arab world, the most intellectually unstimulating . . . ," according to a recent visitor from overseas. . .

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As others see us

A bit of doggerel on a bulletin board implies that our public image as Seventh-day Adventists does not match the message we have been commissioned to give the world. People should see the beauty of Christ's character in us.

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