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Edmund A. Parker

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Articles by Edmund A. Parker

Forever and Forever (April 1964)

What does the term mean?

The Ministry of the Atonement (August 1974)

THE GENERALLY accepted definition of the term atonement seems to be more limited in concept than the ideas expressed in the typology of the Levitical service. As one studies the usage of the Hebrew words in their context, one is led to the conclusion that there are possibly three ways of using the term atonement. . .

The Seventh-day Adventist Worker and Modern Theology (October 1972)

ONE disturbing feature that is almost universal in its influence is the weight that some of our workers place on the statements of modern theologians. Although we should be aware of and conversant with their pronouncements, it is evident to me that we should place more emphasis on the statements of the Scripture and the writings of the servant of the Lord. . .

Intellectual Honesty (June 1971)

TODAY we are part of a very sophisticated, well-informed world. Even the so-called uneducated man has at his finger tips a tremendous range of facts. It is therefore most important that we as ministers aim for accuracy in our presentations. The time is rap idly passing when we can excuse our mistakes by saying, "No one in the audience will know whether I am right or wrong." The text that follows suggests a few common errors sometimes perpetuated by the clergy. . .
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