Robert H. Parr

Robert H. Parr is editor of the Australasian Record.

A Cry in the Night

THE letter began, "Dear Editor, Like so many other church members, I am concerned over all those (young and old) who leave the church. We are prone to think, It could never happen to me. But it can—even before the really troublous times fall upon us. It happened to me. While literally sitting in my church pew, I said to myself, 'You never thought it could come to this. . .

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The Melody Lingers On. . . Seventy-five Years Later

IT IS Sunday afternoon. Outside, the summer sun is gently toasting the landscape a golden brown. It is not an oppressive day, but rather cooler than you could reasonably expect for this time of the year. . .

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Howard's Problem

The Catholic Leader of March 25, 1973, printed a letter from a young man who simply signed himself "Howard." We missed the letter, but picked up a reprint of it in The Protestant Review of April, 1973. We would like to reproduce Howard's letter here. . .

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Feed Us With the Bread of Heaven

NOT EVERY church holds its divine service at eleven o'clock on Sabbath morning. Some, of necessity, must choose a different time. But in this division it is reasonable to say that, in the home unions at least, 95 percent of our church services are held at the eleven o'clock hour. . .

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Love is not enough

A marriage cannot succeed on optimism and romance alone. There must be basic agreement in a hundred areas—especially religion.

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Shepherdess: Just Three Words

"I love you" can be said in a multitude of ways, but it had better be said or something dies.

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