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Stanley E. Patterson

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Articles by Stanley E. Patterson

Help! I'm Being Followed: What to Do When You've Been Called to Lead (April 2009)

Leadership in concept and practice lies in tension as we make the journey from the modern to postmodern period in both the secular and the religious realms.

Leading without fear (December 2005)

A leader who leads in the primacy of the law of love assumes a role of serving.

My Quest for Biblical Spirituality (August 2012)

A seminary professor recounts his journey of spiritual renewal.

The pastor as proactive leader (May 2009)

Pastors often find themselves in the unenviable position of being pulled in one direction by their calling and professional training and in another by traditional expectations of the congregation. What should they do?

Trends facing Adventist spiritual leaders (June 2013)

This article addresses the trend toward viewing the church in the context of the business model and the potential consequences of following that model.
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