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Paul Omar Campbell

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Articles by Paul Omar Campbell

Baptism for the Dead (November 1939)

How may one deal effectively with the Latter-day Saints' (or Mormons') contention on vicarious baptism for the dead, which they base on 1 Corinthians 15:29?

Collecting Hymns as a Hobby (July 1939)

How to go about collecting hymns for memorization.

Try This Musical Experiment (May 1939)

Learning how to appreciate music more.

Song Leaders and Tempo (April 1940)

A good song is often ruined by the wrong tempo.

War's Opportunity in Health Evangelism (March 1943)

The war is raising the health question to its proper importance. How can we take advantage of this opportunity?

A Minister Who Joined the Dorcas (August 1945)

Usually the Dorcas Society is made up of women. When a man joins, it is news.

Public Prayer (July 1957)

What is the the purpose of public prayer?

MUSIC: Soul-warming Music (February 1952)

second part of the article

MUSIC: Pastor-Evangelist, Southern California ConferenceSoul-warming Music (January 1952)

"Without properly planned music, the hour of worship or the evangelistic service will lose much of its charm and power."

Neglected Non-Adventist Ministers (June 1938)

How will they hear unless we tell them?
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