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Gerhard Pfandl

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Articles by Gerhard Pfandl

The testimony of Jesus (October)

Delve into the meaning of the testimony of Jesus and its implications for our lives today.

My earnest efforts to know Christ (July 2016)

Inspiring thoughts from our continuing revival and reformation series.

Which Bible version shall we use? (June 2016)

Explore the rich history of how God led in the translations of the Bible.

Interpreting the writings of Ellen G. White (December 2015)

The author advises that “when using and interpreting the writings of Ellen G. White, we must apply the same principles of interpretation to them as we do to Scripture.”

The Bible Tells Me So . . . Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable To Read It (November 2015)

In The Bible Tells Me So, Enns wants to expose Christian’s fear-based contradictory beliefs and show a new way forward.

Ellen G. White’s contributions to the Seventh-day Adventist Church (June 2015)

A few words on how the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s formative years were influenced by one of its founders, Ellen G. White.

“The books were opened”: A survey of the Pre-Advent judgment (August 2014)

Learn more about the pre-Advent judgment in Scripture.

Is the Bible historically reliable? (September 2012)

Is there archaeological evidence supporting the accuracy of biblical texts?

The remnant church (February 2013)

What are those texts that define Adventists and how do we see in them their identity as “the remnant church”?

Islam and Christianity in Prophecy (December 2012)

The latest in a series of books and articles dealing with Daniel 11.

Revival and Reformation Within the Framework of Last-Day Events (August 2011)

In view of the current emphasis on revival and reformation, it is useful for us to ask what role these elements have with respect to our Adventist understanding of last-day events as revealed in the Bible and the writings of Ellen White. . .

Genesis (March 2011)

A review of the new Genesis Commentary by R.R. Reno

The rapture: Why it cannot occur before the Second Coming (September 2001)

The date is a day in the near future. The place, a Boeing 747 over the Atlantic on its way to London Heathrow. Most passengers are sleeping or dozing. Suddenly almost half the passengers disappear into thin air.

The pre-Advent judgment: Fact or fiction? (December 2003)

Underpinnings of the unique Seventh-day Adventist belief in the "investigative judgment"

The pre-Advent judgment: fact or fiction? (part 2) (February 2004)

The final part of a fresh look at the Adventist doctrine of the investigative judgment.

"In the beginning God...": A historical review of the creation debate among Seventh-day Adventists (June 2005)

A big-picture historical review of the creation-evolution dialogue among Seventh-day Adventists in recent years
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