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Leslie N. Pollard

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Articles by Leslie N. Pollard

Eschatology spells victory1 (October)

Teach and preach Revelation’s Jesus: He’s worthy, He’s a Warrior, and He’s a Winner.

Preach with power (March 1994)

How to increase the persuasive power of your preaching

Ministerial evaluation: pitfalls and opportunities (August 1996)

Evaluation must pave the way for making leaders informed and relevant.

Saga and song (May 1995)

A cross-cultural primer in African-American preaching.

The Joseph factor (November 2008)

Every age has had its own approach to the study and practice of leadership. For us as Christian leaders, our approach should begin with the Bible. The Word of God has more to offer on the subject of leadership than one would imagine. One way to focus on the biblical concept of leadership consists of studying the lives of its great men and women. This article features a study on the leadership lessons we may glean from the life of Joseph. Together they form what we may call the Joseph factor. The Joseph factor will cluster seven essential leadership skills and engage them with today's research on leadership. First, however, we should lay out our assumptions regarding how Scripture will be handled in our study.
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